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Can Regular Office Cleaning Improve Productivity?

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Can Regular Office Cleaning Improve Productivity


It seems strange to say that a clean office would have an impact on the productivity of office staff, but this is indeed what can and does happen in offices around the country. Think about it. Working in a dirty office would likely be a distraction and therefore could hamper productivity. But how well does regular office cleaning services affect staff efficiency? The good folk at All Pro Cleaning say you might just be surprised by the answer.

How Can a Clean Work Space Boost Productivity?

There are a number of ways in which working in a clean environment benefits staff. For a start, regular cleaning means that office germs and bacteria are kept to a minimum. Equipment such as computer peripherals and even desks and chairs can all be a breeding ground for bacteria, which can spread through an office at a fairly rapid rate if not kept in check. When one person comes to work with a cold or other virus, you can be sure it will soon spread to other staff members, which then leads to staff absences. With regular cleaning and sanitizing, the spread of germs is reduced, meaning staff will be healthier and hence fewer days will be lost to illness.

A messy and cluttered office means items often get lost or misplaced. When staff are in need of a particular item but cannot find it, it can be very frustrating and then easily cause issues. With frequent cleaning, staff will be able to locate what they need immediately. However, staff members should be encouraged to keep the office tidy and to return items to their rightful place after use. If everyone in the office works together to keep it tidy, it will mean less work for the cleaners.

As mentioned above, a dirty, untidy office space can serve as a distraction. When the office is clean and tidy each morning when staff arrive, it can boost motivation and allow employees to get to work straightaway. They will not have to spend time searching for things and they can focus on the job at hand.

Another obvious benefit of regular office cleaning is that it will create a good impression on visiting clients and help you attract new employees. Clients like to see the premises of companies that they work with looking clean and tidy as it shows that said company takes pride in their workspace. If, on the other hand, the offices are a mess, it can create a poor impression and leave clients wondering if the company puts so little regard into other parts of their business too.

You might also find it difficult to attract top talent to your business if you show them around a messy or dirty office. Most people don’t want to work in a messy environment; some will look for a different job rather than do it.


Office staff are much more productive when they are working in a clean space. Without distractions from mess and the frustration of not being able to locate items when they are needed, staff tension and stress is reduced, and concentration improves.

With regular office cleaning, germs and bacteria are kept to a minimum, which reduces the spread of illness, keeping staff healthier and happier.

There are other benefits of having your office cleaned regularly too, such as the positive impact it can have on clients and when trying to attract new talent to your business. A clean and tidy office space looks professional and creates the impression that you take pride in your business and care about your employees.

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