June 13, 2024

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Bitcoin: which application makes it easy to buy it?

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A few years ago, buying Bitcoin was reserved for the most geeks. Since then, cryptocurrency has become more popular – and access has become easier. According to a recent survey conducted by IFOP, 2 million French people (3%) hold Bitcoin. The most patient will turn to a web interface while those in a hurry will go to a mobile application.

Today, major industry players such as Coinbase or Binance offer both access (computer and smartphone). Facing them, there is stiff competition on the App Store and Google Play Store. Among the most downloaded references, we can mention the ZenGo mobile application. This allows you to buy Bitcoin in a few clicks, after a registration that takes only 19 seconds. The eToro broker is also a serious alternative for trading

Which application to buy Bitcoins?

At the beginning of the cryptocurrency era, Apple was rather reluctant to mobile applications that allowed to buy and sell the Bitcoin cryptocurrency . The Silicon Valley giant has since backtracked: it authorizes applications concerning digital currencies, however, carrying out a thorough test before posting on the App Store.

The Google Play Store is less demanding, there are also many scams circulating. We must therefore remain vigilant so as not to be fooled by an application that would impersonate a famous crypto-currency exchange platform. Below, we will detail these reference players: Zengo, eToro, Coinbase and Revolut . We give you the right links (iOS and Android) to land on the official app.

Whether ZenGo or eToro, these players are also included in our guide to buying Bitcoin – regardless of the medium used. They are dubbed by experts in the crypto ecosystem, they each have their advantages which allow them to achieve great success. We will also add to this guide the Coinbase and Revolut applications, which allow you to be exposed in different ways to crypto-currencies.

1) ZenGo: 19 seconds to open an account

ZenGo is a mobile application that allows you to buy Bitcoin in record time. The latter was designed natively on mobile (iOS and Android), there is no computer version (desktop). In terms of user experience, it certainly offers the most simple and intuitive journey on the market . This is also one of the explanations behind its very good place in our comparison of crypto applications .

In this case, it will take you no more than 19 seconds to open an account. Once the application has been downloaded, you will be directed to the form to create an account (an email address is sufficient). It will then be necessary to secure access with a facial recognition system (Face ID). Your face will be the only way to find your funds if you ever lose your phone. This is a high level of security that we do not have elsewhere.

As its name suggests, the application is simple to use. The general public, even new to cryptocurrency, will easily understand how it works. To fund your account, there are 4 possibilities: buy by credit card, buy with Apple Pay (Mastercard), make a transfer or credit your account with other crypto-currencies.

In terms of fees, ZenGo is in the middle of the market . For any cryptocurrency deposit, it’s free. If you buy crypto-currencies by credit card (or Apple Pay), you will have to count 5.99% commission. For those who want to pay attention to the fees, the transfer is preferred and it will only cost 1.99%. Here too, the former will only be charged 0.99% until the end of March.

Below, our screenshot illustrates the simplicity of the service. On the homepage, you can see the total amount of your holdings as well as a breakdown by cryptocurrency. To buy Bitcoin on the mobile application, you will have to click on the Bitcoin insert (screenshot on the left). You will come to a screen where you can send, deposit, sell or buy Bitcoin. The payment processor for transactions is Moonpay. The operation is done intuitively, the steps follow one another naturally.

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