June 13, 2024

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Corporate Secretarial Services

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business needs corporate secretarial


Recruiting competent staff is an essential step toward developing a profitable business. When you have the right people overseeing the pivotal functions in your company, you can rest assured that it is in capable hands. If you are operating a business in Singapore, the role of company secretary should be filled by a highly qualified professional. Regardless of the scale of your business, investing in company secretary services ensures that you do not choose the wrong individual for such a critical position.

Within the Singapore corporate landscape, a company secretary manages all administrative activities and ensures prompt compliance with all regulatory requirements. Failure to appoint a company secretary as mandated by the Singapore Companies Act can have serious consequences for your firm. It is also a must-fill position during the Singapore company incorporation process.

While employing a permanent company secretary is a simple solution, outsourcing it to a corporate secretarial service in Singapore also provides numerous benefits. The following are some of the key advantages of working with a company secretary service.

 1. Effective Management of Administrative Requirements 

Company secretarial services provide highly qualified and experienced individuals to help you manage your administrative functions successfully. They ensure that all of your processes are managed with in-depth knowledge and competence while adhering to Singapore’s stringent regulatory requirements. Hence, you can be confident that you will not have to face any penalties for false reporting, late document submission, or non-compliance.

 2. Reliable Service 

The best feature of corporate secretarial services in Singapore is their ability to complete all administrative tasks on time. You can rely on their well-trained and experienced staff to handle all your regulatory obligations without issue. In addition to being dependable, company secretary services also offer expert insight and feedback on how to enhance your business operations. They often go above and beyond by providing personalised services to fulfil your unique requirements.

3. Saves Time and Resources 

Finding the ideal candidate to fill your business’s corporate secretary position in-house can be difficult and expensive. While recruitment costs are high, the hiring procedure can also take time, delaying your company’s incorporation in Singapore. However, working with a company secretarial service allows you to benefit from the skills and experience of highly-trained professionals without using in-house resources. You can avoid expenses related to training and employee benefits and accumulate savings to utilise for company growth.

 4. Facilitate an Efficient Workflow 

The main purpose of a Singaporean company secretary is to oversee compliance and help businesses avoid regulatory penalties, disqualification, or strike-offs. They are also responsible for keeping track of administrative duties related to day-to-day operations that support the company’s overall objectives. Moreover, a company secretary helps to establish and maintain a positive work environment by resolving employee conflicts, instilling confidence, and fostering a healthy company culture. Through the successful fulfilment of these responsibilities, they support the company management in maintaining a steady workflow.

 5. Comprehensive Service Packages 

Professional company secretary services offer comprehensive packages that include not only secretarial services but also services related to accounting, auditing and incorporation in Singapore. Outsourcing numerous services to a single provider allows you to negotiate a deal while having top-tier personnel manage your administrative and accounting needs.

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